Know Your Rights: What are You Entitled to Receive as a Senior Citizen?

Now that you are retired and living out the rest of your days at a much-relaxed pace, you can bring your family to family events and other church activities. It will be a great experience to spend more time with your grandchildren and other family members. However, to ensure you’re going to be enjoying the rest of your golden years to the fullest, it pays to know what your rights are.

A particular class of senior citizens over the age of 65 is entitled to the following benefits:

Housing supplement

All senior citizens over 65 years old whose savings, equity, and valuable assets in their households less than and less than $10,000, and you are entitled to Federal government supplementing equaling the difference of their necessary housing costs. It exceeds one-third of your household income.

Additionally, if you’re paying off a mortgage or reside in a home or condo, the basic housing cost must be construed as rental payment. However, if you live alone but share the rental with a person, the supplement only applies to the rental or carrying costs of their home over the one-third-mark of all occupants’ combined household income.

Free Medical Services

All senior citizens over 65 years old are entitled to free medical treatment, medicine, and other services. This benefit should be the most fundamental right of American seniors, enabling these older individuals to enjoy quality healthcare without breaking the bank. Because of this, you can ensure you get to live the rest of your golden years in comfort and worry-free.

Free Public Transportation

All senior citizens over 65 years old, regardless of their disposable income or assets, are entitled to use public transportation within the county they live in, free of charge for the rest of their years. However, keep in mind that only states capable of affording this concept can give you the right to enjoy free public transportation. However, some counties receive subsidies from the Federal and State government, compensating for the extra costs.


Exclusive Senior Discounts

Once you reach your mid-50s or early 60s, you can enjoy several discounts on food, museums, hotels, theaters, and other venues. You may also receive discounts and other necessities like groceries and clothing. Senior citizens can get anywhere between 5% to 15% promotions on most establishments when they reach 65. Some services provide seniors with a lifetime pass to more than 2,000 federal recreation sites. However, remember that not every senior discount is publicized, meaning in most cases, organizations only give discounts to seniors requesting them.

Insurance Policy Conversion

If you’ve come across any old life insurance policy may have, don’t be quick to assume it has no value. You can convert these policies into a long-term benefit, allowing you to use those funds for assisted living or long-term care expenses. You can convert any life insurance policy, whether it’s universal, term, or group coverage.

The benefits mentioned are rightfully earned privileges to today’s senior citizens. After all, they were the ones responsible for building the society we’re living in today — making everyone’s lives more convenient and comfortable, so it only makes sense to pay them back. If you’re a senior, ensure you have all the benefits for a comfortable retirement and life after work.

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